Filing your U.S. Expat Federal Tax Return is easy when…

We complete it for you, no fuss, no hassle. All forms completed; all deductions accounted for.

Do you have to file a Federal Tax Return?

You need to file a Federal Tax return while living abroad if you have attained income from any source, e.g., wages, interest, or rental income. If you have dependents who are U.S. citizens and earned income, it may be worth your while to file a return for a refund…even though you pay no taxes to the U.S.

Figuring out what does and doesn’t apply to your circumstance can take time. That is why we offer a tailor-made service to suit your situation. Whether you are filing for the first time, late filing, or need to make amendments to previous years, we can do it for you quickly and efficiently.

Our comprehensive questionnaire ensures the IRS will receive all the information they need to know, and you receive all applicable benefits and deductions.

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Note – the deadline for filing your Expat U.S. Federal Tax Return is June 15! We can assist in filing your extension before June 15 if necessary. We can also file your tax return by October 15 if you have missed this critical date.

Why work with Mir Taxes

Expert Advice, Every Time

Standard expat forms to file include:
U.S Income tax return -(Form 1040)
Foreign Tax Credit - (Form 1116)
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion -(Form 2555)

Safe and Secure Filing

Our password protected collection system, ensures your information remains safe and private. It also stays in one place for easy referral.

Save Time and Money

As certified tax agents, we can file your returns for you online and receive confirmation that your file is under action much quicker than by post. No risk of losing documents in the mail either.

We take the hassle out of filing for Americans living overseas with a comprehensive service that is easy to use and thoroughly explained. Common questions we are asked about Federal taxes include:

You can, but you might miss out on receiving all the rebates and benefits you are entitled to. As a
professional Tax Accountants, it is our job to keep up-to-date with all the latest tax laws and entitlements.
It is easy to miss something if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Including your U.S. dependents in your Expat Federal Return can be advantageous but does mean they will also be subject to U.S. tax obligations (unless they renounce their citizenship as an adult). Contact us to discuss your circumstances and discover if this tax credit will work for you.  

The pandemic has been tough on everyone. The U.S. Government recognizes this and has made available three stimulus checks over the last year. As an Expat American, you may be eligible for all three. We will ensure you receive what you are entitled to when we file your return for you, including dependents.

If you are thinking about purchasing property in your new country of abode or already own investment properties, there may be tax implications to consider when filing your expat Federal Tax return. Contact us to discuss your circumstances in detail and what needs to be considered when filing.  

Filing your Federal Tax returns doesn’t have to be a hassle. Book an appointment with us today to discuss how we can make it easy for you. 

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