Self-employed or own a small business and live overseas?

Ensure you only pay what you need to with Mir Taxes

If you are:

  • Self-employed – a freelancer or consultant with no registered business attached
  • Self-employed but have employees and a registered business entity
  • Operate as an S-Corporation
  • Are part owners in a business with someone else or more than a 10% shareholding
  • A limited liability company
  • A corporation

You will have multiple forms, deductions, exemptions, rates of taxation to consider. Tax obligations depend on where you spend most of your time and where you are located around the world. A maze of ins and outs is guaranteed to tie you in knots if not an expert in international tax accounting.

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At Mir Taxes, we have the experience and knowledge to put your affairs in order and ensure the best outcome for your situation. No overpaying, underpaying or missing out on deductions. No required form missed, no declaration unsigned. Peace of mind tax accounting is what we do best.

Why work with Mir Taxes

We Are Expats Too

CEO Carl Mir has lived abroad as a tax accountant for many years and has helped many Expat Americans file their taxes. He and his team are specialists in U.S. Expat tax laws and know all the exceptions, criteria, and entitlements. Different countries have different timeframes for reporting; we understand that and can apply for extensions if necessary.

Safe and Secure Filing

Our password-protected collection system ensures your information remains private and secure. Only you, us, and the IRS will know your tax information. Your documents are kept in one place for easy referral. You may operate from multiple locations, but your tax files don’t need to.

Save Time and Money

As certified tax agents, we can file your returns for you online and receive confirmation that your file is under action much quicker than by post. No risk of losing documents in the mail either.

Attention to Detail

We are big enough to handle all your Expat tax requirements, small enough to ensure you receive exceptional customer care. No form is submitted to the IRS without first being triple-checked to ensure they have all they need to process your return quickly.

We take the hassle out of filing for Americans living overseas with a comprehensive service that is easy to use and thoroughly explained. Common questions we are asked about Federal taxes include:

Yes and no, as it all depends on how it is structured and if you have employees. Since 2018, the system has become quite complex, and we do not recommend filing your business reports without seeking the advice of a Tax Accountant first. Book a free 15-minute discovery call with us to discuss your circumstances. 

You should be able to take advantage of a tax exemption on income taxed in the country where you live, but it depends on the U.S. treaty with that country and your circumstances. We would be happy to discuss it further with you in a free 15-minute discovery call. Book now.

As an Expat American citizen, if you own more than 10% of the company or are a shareholder, you must let the IRS know. You may not have any taxes to pay, but you still have to fill out the declaration and let them know.  

Small business tax reporting can be complicated. Let us make your life easier by doing the hard work for you. Book an appointment today to discuss your situation.

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