Do you need to file a state tax return? Not sure? We know the answer.

At Mir Taxes, we take care of all your Expat American Tax needs.

Why spend time thinking about your state income taxes when we can do it for you.

Knowing what you have to file and when is our job. Not all states require American Expat citizens to file while they are overseas. It depends on how long you have been out of the country and if you meet their criteria and monetary thresholds for filing. 

At Mir Taxes, we know the tax laws in all fifty states and are here to help you take the stress out of meeting your tax obligations when traveling abroad.  

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Why work with Mir Taxes

Only File What You Have To

Different states have differing ideas about what they want to know. We are specialists in the U.S. Expat tax laws and know all the exceptions, deductions, criteria, and entitlements to ensure your returns meet the state’s requirements you hold assets within.

Safe and Secure Filing

Our password-protected collection system ensures your information remains safe and private. All documents are kept in one easy place for reference. You may move around a lot, but your documents don’t have to.

Save Time and Money

As certified tax agents, we can file your returns for you online and receive confirmation that your file is under action much quicker than by post. No risk of losing documents in the mail either.

Personalized service

Your circumstances, your questions answered. We are big enough to handle all your Expat tax requirements, small enough to ensure you receive exceptional customer care. Established and trusted, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We take the hassle out of filing for Americans living overseas with a comprehensive service that is easy to use and thoroughly explained. Common questions we are asked about State Tax Returns include:

It depends! We wish the answer could be a simple yes or no, but it really does depend on your circumstances and where you live and have lived. Some states do not collect income tax, while others will keep taxing you as long as you have a connection with them. Book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

It all depends on the state where you lived, your connections, and whether they tax citizens. We wish we could supply you with a simple yes or no, but there is a reason why tax law is a specialist subject. We do the hard work, so you don’t have to and ensure you only pay the tax you have to.  

You can, but when you choose us to do it for you, you never have to worry if you have overpaid, underpaid, received all deductions available or missed a crucial deadline, and owe penalties. We also usually receive a quicker response from the IRS and ensure they have all the documents they need to spend as little time as possible processing your return.

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