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We primarily handle all of your tax issues and reporting so that you are compliant through the current year with the U.S. government. The U.S. government requires all citizens and legal (green card) residents to file a tax declaration each year. The Department of Treasury also requires reporting of bank accounts with aggregate balances of $10,000.


IRS Annual Tax Preparation and Filing 

Form 1040 Annual Tax Preparation to the IRS and Common Schedules:

Schedule A - Itemized Deductions

Schedule B - Interest & Dividends

Schedule C – Self-employment

Schedule D – Capital gains/losses on investments

Schedule E – Rental Income

Form 1095 - Health Care forms

Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit

Form 2555 - Foreign Earned Income

Form 8938 – FATCA requirement

Form 8965 - Health Coverage Exemptions

Foreign Tax Credit and Foreign Income Exclusions

State Tax Filing

Some states require filing tax reports even if you are an expat

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)


Foreign bank accounts with an aggregate balance over $10,000 in prior year require filing to Department of Treasury - FBAR -  FinCEN Report 114


Tax Compliance and Past Filings

Completed Tax Package Review

Other Tax Issues

Prior Year Filing

Taxes Returns and FBAR Forms

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Streamlined Filing Processes Compliance


Tax Filing Extension to IRS

Can't file by Tax Day, then we can file an extension to October 15.

Expats: Can’t finish by June 15? We will file an extension to October 15

Note: FBAR automatically extended if not filed by Tax Day.


Financial Planning, Pension, Insurance, And Banking Planning

Currency conversions at a minimal cost

Foreign Currency Exchange


Exchange your currency .... Euros, Dollars, Pounds, etc ... at a bargain price. Don't pay bank prices. Contact Moneycorp for more information.

Major Tax Due Dates in 2019

January 28

IRS E-file begins

January 31

W-2 due from employers

April 15

“Tax Day” Deadline day for filing federal and state (most states) income tax returns and extension requests.  Additional days due to holidays.

April 15

FBAR reports due to US Treasury

June 17

“Tax Day” for US expats. Deadline for filing federal and state income tax returns (most states) and extension requests

October 15

Filing extended 2018 federal and state income returns. Note: you still need to file for an extension request by April 15, or June 17 for expats. Any expected tax liability still due by April 15 without interest and penalties add-on.


April 15, 2022

Last date to file a 2018 tax amendment is in 2022.

Deadline of 3 years from the original due date to claim any tax refund of any previous years.

See full schedule at this link here, especially for businesses.

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