2021 Tax Preparation Checklist

Update – American Belgians risk losing their Belgian bank account

5 Year-end Strategies to Save on Your 2020 Taxes

Steps to Take Now to Get a Jump on Your Taxes by IRS

Marginal Tax Rates 2019-2020

Prospects for Federal Tax Policy After the 2020 Election - Tax Foundation

2020 Tax Year Updates

2020 Inflation Adjusted Standard Deductions

IRS Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures

IRS issues warning about Coronavirus-related scams; watch out for schemes tied to economic impact payments

Filing season 2020: COVID-19 updates

Last Hurdle Accomplished: CARES Act is Approved

Senate Passes Updated Economic Relief Plan for Individuals and Businesses

State Aid Provisions of the Federal Coronavirus Response Bill

15 Must see tax breaks for small business owners in 2020

Tax Calendar - 2020


Four Positive Tax Changes for 2020

IRS Tax Extensions Voted by Congress – December 2019

EU starts to review foreign source income exemption regimes and recommends EU blacklist defensive measures

2020 Checklist - Tax Preparation

2020 Tax Brackets, Standard Deduction, and Other Changes

2020 Tax Calendar


Standard mileage guidance updated for the TCJA


The "Backdoor" Roth IRA Strategy

Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens

“Accidental Americans” Face Having Bank Accounts Blocked

Guidelines for Deducting Business Meals

IRS Guidance for Business Deductions & Credits


US Filing Threshold Requirements


Internal Revenue Service Updates OVDP – Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Procedure


2019 U.S. Tax Due Dates Calendar


Tax Preparation Checklist 2018


Reporting Your Foreign Company to the IRS or Face Penalties


Child Tax Credit Increases in 2018


Draft French Finance Bill For 2019 Reveals Significant Tax Amendments


New Guidance Clarifies Exemption Amount For Qualifying Relative Gross Income Test


What is the FBAR?


Streamlined Procedures


Expats Convert Traditional IRA to a Roth Tax-Free Using FEIE


Exceptions to the IRA 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty


2018 IRS Proposed Form 1040

Foreign Transition Tax Reprieve


TCJA and the Child Tax Credit


ACA reports IRS has offered relief to the transition tax on foreign companies


Tax planning: Your 2017 return is filed but consider your strategy for 2018 now


Repairs vs. Improvements – What Can I Deduct from my Taxes?


IRS to End of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program


Scammers are at it again!


Should You File Your Tax Return If You Can't Pay the Tax?

A Tax Refund!  Congratulations!


Convert Money – Efficiently & Wisely & Economically


2018 Tax Calendar


Budget Deal Reinstates Expired Tax Credits


Summary of the Tax Extenders Agreement


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017


Becoming Self-employed - Tax Implications


Tax Year 2017 Due Dates


2017 Tax Year Preparation Checklist for Tax Filing


IRS Changes and Updates for RS Changes and Updates for Tax Year 2017


Year End Investments Actions List


Moneycorp - Convert Money – Efficiently & Wisely


Education Expenses Tax Benefits - Tax Credits or Deductions


Gift, Estate & Inheritance Taxes – 2016


What Can You Do Between Now and Tax Time?


Tax Law Updates for Tax Year 2016


Tax Deadlines Calendar Year 2017 for Tax Year 2016


Give Yourself a $12,000 a year Raise


How bad is it if I can’t pay my tax bill?



Top Ten Most Disregarded Tax Deductions


Tax Scams - what to know?


Moving Abroad Financial Checklist


Foreign Exchange Currency Savings


What to Know for Tax Year 2015?


Claiming Dependents


American Financial Forum - 18-2-2016 Presentations


IRS gains power to revoke tax scofflaws' passports


Filing Requirements for 2015 Tax Year


Year-end Tax Tips to Save Money


Protecting Your Tax and Financial Documents


IRS Warns Offshore Account Holders: Disclose Before It's Too Late


Steps toward Renouncing your US Citizenship


Have You Filed Your 2014 Tax Return Yet?


12 Tax Moves You Should Make Now


Can You Retire At Age 50?


Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations


Changes Tax Due Dates and FBAR filing?


13 Things to do if Your Wallet/Purse is Stolen?


Should you Take Social Security at 62?


Many IRS Tax Return Due Dates Just Changed, FBARs Too


Accidental Americans: Tax Penalties for Americans Overseas


Foreign Bank Accounts Report-FBAR – What US Expats Need to Know?


More Swiss Banks Settle With U.S., FATCA Marches On


Beware IRS Reporting Of Foreign Gifts Too


Tax Consequences to House Flipping


3 Steps to Early Retirement


June 15th - Tax Day for US Expats


Retiring Abroad - Tax Impact?







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