It's been a summer here in Europe this year! In other words, a summer with sun and heat! Some days were too hot but it was a nice change after a long, cold, gray winter to have some sunshine. However, it seems that the weather is going back to "normal" with some cloudy and cooler days and it is only mid-August. Hoping that everyone had a great summer. Be sure to read the latest newsletter as it is filled with interesting and useful tax news that could help most of you! Here's the link to open the August Newsletter!


Happy New Year to all!!!  And a Happy New Tax Season as well!

Start getting ready for the tax season by gathering all you documents and information. Check on the Home page for a Checklist to help you prepare or click here. Stay tuned for a clarification of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently passed by Congress and signed by the President. It doesn't affect your 2017 tax returns so no worry until next year. But we will publish a simple summary of the new Act soon.


"Tax Day" has passed by in the U.S. but if you did not file your taxes for 2016, there is still time to do it especially if you are getting is your money after all. "Tax Day" for Americans living abroad is June 16. So don't delay and contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. If you can not make it by June 16, an extension is possible. Reminder, if you think you owe money, pay an estimate now because you are already late.


March is ready to roar in as the new year has been rolling along. Tax season has been in full swing in the U.S. while in Europe, Americans still have time to get it all together. A huge appreciation to all our clients and welcome to the new ones this year! Thankful for the accolades from Adrian Leeds in recent newsletters in the past year especially her most recent in February. Fans of House Hunters International might recognize AdrianGratitude to the American Club of Brussels for profiling Mir Taxes again in their upcoming March Newsletter! On March 22, the ACB will be sponsoring the 4th Annual American Financial Forum. Speakers and program will be announced soon but if you are not a member of the ACB and would like to attend, please contact us to waive the €10 fee. Questions and other inquiries are always welcomed in the Contact Us page. Good luck to you this tax season. We are ready to welcome spring time again for sure!!


Spring is here in Europe ... well for a few days but back again! Tax Day in the US has passed but American expats still have until June 15 to file their taxes (or extensions allowed until October 15). Mir Taxes will try to stay on top of the tax issues either for Americans living in the US or abroad by posting articles in the Links section. Questions are welcome through the Contact section. Enjoy the weather !


Happy New Year to all!  It's also tax season and are you ready? Get your documents (Forms W-2 from employers, Forms 1099 from banks and other payers, and Form 1095-A from the Marketplace for those claiming the premium tax credit), records, receipts, etc. and get ready to file your taxes!  Mir Taxes is here to help with any reporting, questions, or issues. We also have some informative events coming up if you are in Paris or Brussels. It is an opportunity to ask questions about US taxes as well as financial planning to my colleague Brian Dunhill of Dunhill Financial. If you would like a tax organizer sent to you, please be sure to use the Contact Form to enquire for one. The Tax Organizer is meant to assist you in the preparation of reporting your US taxes.


As I'm getting ready to send out the December 2015 Newsletter, I wanted to send out a Holiday Greetings to everyone for a safe and blessed holiday. I hate to be the messenger of bad news but it is the end of the year and time to start thinking of filing income taxes again! January is already upon us. I will be sending out a "Tax Organizer" to my current clients soon to assist in the preparation of tax filing. If you are not a client but would like to receive this handy reference form, send me a message on the Contact Me page.

Hope to hear from everyone in 2016 and Have a Happy and Safe New Year!! 

3-September-2015: Hope everyone has enjoyed their summers as it winds down with everyone back to school and holidays are over. Tax filing season will be upon us before we know it. Now would be a good time to start organizing your tax documents. Are you required to pay quarterly taxes to the IRS? The September deadline is upon us! Don't forget to send your payments! If you haven't sent in your quarterly payments yet this year, now is a good time to catch up before 2016 hits us.

Did you file an extension in filing your 2014 taxes? The deadline of October 15 is almost a month away. If you haven't filed yet, contact us to get you compliant with the IRS before you may be hit with huge interest and penalties.

Are you wondering sometimes how to calculate the conversion of your dollars to foreign currency? Or vice versa? Try this website: Treasury Reporting Rates of Exchange.

Newsletter #4 went out last week...let us know if you want to see any information on any specific tax topic...CONTACT US.

14-July-2015: Welcome to our webpage for Mir Taxes. From time to time, we'll add some insights, observations, or comments on the Blog page. Meanwhile, search the webpage, sign up for the newsletter and enjoy. If you have any questions, click to CONTACT and reach out to us in any way that is comfortable to you. Thanks for dropping by!

One more thing, check out our Newsletter #3. We feature an article about going on a "treasure hunt". One subscriber has already contacted me to let me know they found over $300! Write to us and let us know if you were lucky on your hunt as well! Good luck!


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