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We will ensure that our clients accomplish their financial goals of tax and financial planning with peace of mind. The objectives are to provide the clients professional services in completing their tax preparation reporting requirements and ensuring compliance with US laws and regulations. We also strive to ensure our clients are aware of financial tools that will lead them to meeting their other future economic goals. Whether you are looking for answers or simply want more information, we believe that good communication is vital to provide a good service.



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October 15 - Deadline for tax filing 2015


Have you filed your tax report?


Get your documents, records, receipts, etc. and get ready to file your taxes! Mir Taxes is here to help with any reporting, questions, or issues. Contact us at info@mirtaxes.com.




IRS Tax Scams .... don't be fooled!


Be wary! Be careful! Be suspicious! Did you receive a telephone message from the IRS? Or so you thought? Maybe you received an email? Are you in HR and it requested personal information from an employee and is coming from a company executive? Do not act but react to these types of communication because they are all scams!

Keep in mind when you ...... (click here for article).




American Expat Financial Seminar - US Taxes for Expats 101


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