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We will ensure that our clients accomplish their financial goals of tax and financial planning with peace of mind. The objectives are to provide the clients professional services in completing their tax preparation reporting requirements and ensuring compliance with US laws and regulations. We also strive to ensure our clients are aware of financial tools that will lead them to meeting their other future economic goals. Whether you are looking for answers or simply want more information, we believe that good communication is vital to provide a good service.


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2016 US Post-Elections:

America Shocks the Globe – Trump is elected president ...... What to expect on the tax policies for the next four years?


The U.S. presidential elections for 2016 were deemed to be historic but shocking results of Donald J Trump being elected president was not expected. The elections are over! The mud-slinging is over! The United States did not elect its first woman president. After a long and somewhat-dirty elections, the country needs to mend toward working together for the next four years. What changes are expected concerning taxation for Americans? ............. read more .........


From the International Advisor:


US Republicans want Fatca repeal despite $10bn tax haul


The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) could be repealed when Donald Trump becomes president if the Republican Party sticks with its 2016 policy platform, despite more than $9.9bn (£8bn, €9bn) being paid through voluntary compliance efforts. Or click here


See more at: http://www.international-adviser.com/news/1032545/us-republicans-fatca-repeal-despite-usd10bn-tax-haul


US expats to give up citizenship following Trump victory


“Trump is unlikely to have much impact on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca), introduced by Barack Obama in 2012, which requires every US expat to provide details of their worldwide income, explained Carl Mir, a tax accountant in Belgian, who specialises in advising US expats." Or click here


See more at: http://www.international-adviser.com/news/1032495/us-expats-citizenship-following-tPostrump-victory#sthash.N6Moii06.dpuf


Need assistance for tax filing 2015 or past years?


Get your documents, records, receipts, etc. and get ready to file your taxes! Mir Taxes is here to help with any reporting, questions, or issues. Contact us at info@mirtaxes.com


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